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Industrial Cleaning & Maintenance

We handle each industrial cleaning job with precision, ensuring safety and detail-oriented results. We have the tools and expertise to clean floors, equipment, ducts and every other surface which requires cleaning to keep your industrial space functioning at its highest capacity. We also have the tools to do dry ice blasting, which allows us to reach all areas of your facilities.

Our knowledge and precision will help you keep your plant working properly, optimizing your production. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and have us survey your industrial space.

Industrial services include

Dry ice blasting

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Dry ice pellet production

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Media blasting

Corn, walnut, soda etc.

Asbestos abatement

Lead paint abatement

Mold / mildew abatement

Industrial painting / coatings

Fiberglassing and carbon fiber repairs

Refractory masonry labour support

Refractory masonry bricklayer support

Tar decanter cleaning

COVID-19 disinfectant fogging