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BIONEST Septic Systems

BIONEST Wastewater Treatment Solutions

We are also pleased to install BIONEST units. BIONEST is a family business specializing in wastewater treatment, with a head office based in Quebec (Grand-Mère). They have developed efficient wastewater treatment systems since 1997, focusing on solving two major issues related to water resources:

As a technology company, BIONEST designs, manufactures and markets advanced wastewater treatment solutions that have proven themselves by increasing water purification to a level significantly above world standards.

BIONEST is an enhanced septic system: the septic tank is maintained, but with a significant reduction in the area used for the leaching bed by replacing it with a BIONEST reactor.

The purification process for the BIONEST system is quite natural and relies on a depolluting process using bacteria, similar to those present in leaching bed soil. These bacteria attach themselves to the non-biodegradable BIONEST media and eliminate waste and bacteria harmful to humans and the environment.

Included with BIONEST systems are annual inspections to ensure the system is operating correctly and a 20 year warranty on the BIONEST media.

The BIONEST system is suited to all types of land and consists of preassembled, modular units ready for delivery, for easy installation.

Learn more about BIONEST septic systems on their website.